Welcome to Asikkala!

Welcome to the home pages of Asikkala-Oppaat (Asikkala Guides, registered association)!

Asikkala-Oppaat was founded in 1988 and is a member of the Finnish Guide association. We are eleven authorized guides and we proudly wear the Guide badge. With us, you will learn more about the area and its history.

Asikkala is known for its natural beauty, its clean waters and the landscape is filled with clear signs of the latest ice age.

Why was the king of Sweden Gustav Vasa interested in the water rich Asikkala already in the 16th century? Or what did king Gustav III decide after spending a night in Anianpelto village in June 1775? Tzar Alexander II gave orders to build two canals and that was the beginning of a lively boat traffic.

The idyllic Vääksy Canal has inspired many known summer guests to stay in the area and the canal still fascinates visitors.

Did you know that the most beautiful road route in Finland begins at Vääksy Canal?

Welcome to the nature paradise of Asikkala!

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