Our English-speaking guides

We have five English-speaking guides ready to show you the highlights of Asikkala and surrounding areas.

Contact one of our guides to book your unforgettable tour! You can also send us email to info@asikkala-oppaat.fi

MerjaP260Merja Palokangas-Viitanen
Besides Asikkala, I also guide in the surrounding municipalities.

040 718 6532

Heidi Painilainen
The wonderful nature and lakes in Asikkala are close to my heart. On my tours you will hear stories all the way from the Ice Age to the present days.
Besides Asikkala, I also guide in Sysmä, Hartola, Padasjoki and Heinola.

+358 440 288 644

Heidi Rask
I guide especially in Old Vääksy and around Vääksy Canal. As a biologist I am also happy to take you out to the nature or the gardens in the area.
In addition, I am the guide in charge for the Urajärvi Manor.

041 504 1941

Tanja Uusitalo
I am interested in languages and history, especially what life was like in Vääksy during the autonomy 1809-1917.
Besides Asikkala, I also guide in Padasjoki, Sysmä, Hartola and Heinola.

044 052 9385


Nina Lehtovirta
Padasjoki guide.
I also guide in Asikkala, Heinola, Sysmä and Hartola.

040 487 0622



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